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38th Fighter Squadron P-38s about to depart on the 15th October 1943

38th Fighter Squadron P-38s, 15th October 1943

38th FS about to depart on a mission. LtCol. Jack S. Jenkins' P-38H CG-J is in the foreground.

38th Fighter Squadron P-38s returning to Nuthampstead, from an escort mission 15th October 1943.

38th Fighter Squadron P-38Js

High ranking VIII Fighter Command and 55th FG officers, Nov 1943 (F. Birtciel)

(Left to Right) Gen Kepner, Col James, Lt Col Jenkins, Maj Webb, Maj Joel, and Maj Busching

338th FS Pilots early November 1943 (F. Birtciel)

2 Lts. Larson, Garlock, and Jensen, turn in personal items to the intelligence officer, Capt. Walker "Gabby" Gabbert, before a mission.

Maj. Richard Busching at Nuthampstead. (D. Herbst via 55th FG Newsletter)

Lt. William C Florentine, Jr. (338th FS) (J Florentine)

Missing in action on 13th November 1943. Hit by fighters near Bremen flying P-38H CL-42-66732. Prisoner of War.

Colonel James (F Birtciel)

Capt. Clair E. Buskirk (Robert M. Littlefield)

Shot down by flak on 6th Jan 1945 and made POW.

Lt. Robert N. Jensen. Shot down on 13 Nov 1943 Made POW

(Ground crew - (L-R) Corp. John Jones, T/Sgt. Millard Easton, Sgt. Reuben Robinson and Sgt. Wayne Hunter)

Capt. Roland 'Rollo' M. Malmstedt (F. Birtciel)

Killed on 2 December 1943, when P-38H 42-67076 crashed on take-off for test hop.


Transportation to aircraft dispersals 11 Nov 1943 (F Birtciel)

338th FS pilots. The pilot holding his helmet is C. O. Jones, CO of the 338th. The pilot with the RAF boots and looking back is Wes Tibbets.

P-38J of the 38th Fighter Squadron (CG-C)

42-67757 Lost 31 Jan 44 - Lt. David D Fisher KIA

Drop tanks at Nuthampstead. (Imperial War Museum photo. Not to be copied without the permission of the IWM (IWM Neg CP14840)

P-38 Droop Snoot (F Birtciel)

55th Fighter Group P-38J Lightnings at Nuthampstead (F. Birtciel)

Pilots Briefing Over (F Birtciel)

55th Fighter Group pilots leave after briefing at Nuthampstead.