The Mighty 8th Cross Reference site
A well presented website from Fred Peller to start your research.

The Jeff Ethell World War Two Colour Slide Collection
A site run by Ovid Need and David Ethell, that catalogues and promotes the late Jeff Ethell's amazing collection of colour slides

Raymond Witges' Webpage
Raymond Witges served with the 830th Engineer Aviation Battalion, whilst they built Nuthampstead.

Airfields and Aviation Memorials
Richard Flagg's excellent site providing modern photos of old airfields.

55th Fighter Group website
My new website dedicated to the men who served with the 55th FG during the war years.

Web Birds site
Jim Sterling's great site, including many images of the 55th FG

Little Friends site
The wonderful site dedicated to the Fighter Groups of the 8th Air Force by Peter Randall

The Official 398th BG Association website
The official web pages of the 398th BG association.
(Please note the Station 131 website is in no way affiliated to the official 398th site, however, I urge you to visit the official site for detailed information on the 398th)

"Hell from Heaven"
Website advertising Leonard Streitfeld's excellent book Hell From Heaven, the memoirs of a World War II B-17 Bombardier.

The Woodman Inn (Nuthampstead)
The famous public house situated on the edge of Station 131.  Site of the 398th memorial

Brick House Farm (Great Hormead)
Bed and Breakfast accommodation