Welcome to the 'news' page for the Station 131 web site.  I shall post notices of new additions here, as often as I make changes to the site.

As is probably evident, I'm still building the site and am regularly posting information and images, as they get donated, or submitted. I would like to thank all those that have contributed and aided me so far, including Karen Esberger, Frank Birtciel, Stan Richardson, Russ Blowers, Ed Giller, Bob Littlefield, Leonard Streitfeld, George and Darrell Graham, Raymond Witges and Shirley Phillips, Arthur Webb Jr., Phil Grinton, Fred Peller, Harvey Newcomb, Roger Freeman, Donnie Shearer, Moofy, Jeff Florentine, Alex Grounsell, Harvey Ditchman, Holly Reed, Jim Neufeglise, Sandy and Ian at the Woodman, 55th Fighter Group Association, Adam Smith, Kevin Goodridge, Geoff Rice and my fellow members of the Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society (Malcolm 'Ozzie' Osborn, Les Dear, Peter Brooke and Cliff Bishop).  Also a thank you to all those who have sent encouraging e-mails and messages, I appreciate your comments and hope the site meets most people's expectations.

Russell Abbey

If you would like to contact me then please e-mail me at shabbyabbey@hotmail.com