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A visiting B-17 at Nuthampstead, whilst the 55th FG were in residence. (55th FGA)

P-38J 'Miss Ann' visiting in late March/early April 1944. From the unit attached to the RAF's 100 Group. (B. Littlefield)

339th FG P-51B 42-106710 D7-Y "Janie Girl". Crashed at Nuthampstead on 11th August 1944. (NARS)

A visiting 4th FG P-51D 44-14527 "Sack Queen" (NARS)

On the 11th February 1945 this A-26 Invader made an emergency landing at Nuthampstead. It was repaired and flown by the 398th. (NARS)

A war weary P-47 Thunderbolt "Arlene 2". Suggestion is that this was a personal hack for a 398th pilot. (NARS)

P-47 on the 'Visitor's Hardstand'. (Jim Neufeglise)

RAF Hurricane on 'Visitor's Hardstand' (NARS)

A visiting RAF Percival Proctor. (NARS)

Visiting RNZAF 487th Squadron Mosquito FRVI. Probably flown in from Thorney Island. (NARS)

RAF DeHavilland Mosquito on the 'Visitor's Hardstand'. (Jim Neufeglise)

Flown by the 50th FG, USAAF.

A 44th BG B-24 that landed on 10th June 1944. It was repaired and left on 22 June. (NARS)

B-24 buzzing the airfield after repair. Note P-47 on hardstand. (NARS)

B-24 visiting the 398th in the winter of '44-'45.

(Photo from John Veenschoten via Geoff Rice)

B-24 'Wasp Nest' with Crew at Nuthampstead. (NARS)

B-24 'Wasp Nest' at Nuthampstead. (NARS)

The crew of the 'Wasp Nest' relax under their aircraft. (NARS)