Nuthampstead Airfield Museum!  

There will shortly be a museum at Nuthampstead Airfield, that will dedicated to both the 55th and the 398th BG and will incorporate both Groups in the displays and artefacts.  If you want to know more about this exciting project, then please email me or visit the website address immediately below. 

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There are still a few Founder Memberships left available, but demand is great and memberships are selling quickly.  If you want the unique opportunity to be part of the founder team for the museum, then please do not delay in becoming a Member.  Your membership will be forever remembered in the museum itself and you will receive other unique items, only available to the first 131 memberships.

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This website

The purpose of this website is to provide an historic record of the airfield at Nuthampstead.  It will attempt to provide information on those that served at Nuthampstead, accounts from the local people that lived in and around the base and a source of reference for historians and next of kin.  More importantly, this site is dedicated to all the USAAF airmen and support crews who served at Nuthampstead (or Mudhampstead as it was christened by the inhabitants) during the second world war.

Nuthampstead is now a small rural village in North East Hertfordshire, 5 1/2 miles SE of Royston.  It bears little resemblance to the USAAF airbase that surrounded the local cottages, fields and houses in the forties, although remnants of the runways and perimeter track still survive and the airfield retains it's aviation links with a small grass airfield.

The base played home to both the 55th Fighter Group, and the 398th Bomber Group, although the 20th Fighter Group flew from Nuthampstead in support of the 55th.  In addition to the flight crews many servicemen and women served their country in the various support and ground crews.  This website will try and pay tribute to all those who lived and worked at Station131 during the war years and who are fondly remembered by the local people.

Fortunately, through the 398th memorial association and the Friends of the 398th, the sacrifices of those serving at Station 131 will not be forgotten and a fitting memorial is situated outside the Woodman Inn and in the form of a stained glass window in the local church in Anstey.

For additional information on either the 55th Fighter Group, or the 398th Bomber Group, please visit my links page and click on the relevant excellent websites.  For a snap shot of those serving at the base please view the unit list (thanks to Phil Grinton for the info.).

Nuthampstead had the distinction of being the only USAAF airbase built in Hertfordshire during the second world war, and was the highest operational bomber base at 460ft above sea level.  It had 3 concrete runways of 6000ft, 4200ft and 4200ft in length.  It also had 2 T2 hangers, 50 loops for aircraft dispersal and buildings to house up to 2894 servicemen and women.  In common with many airbases, the camp had a hospital, sewage works, cinema, chapel and a Red Cross club.  Little remains today, although small traces of the base are still visible in the local countryside.